Big challenges. Deserve your full attention.

Growth requires focus. Only by focusing can you invest all of your attention and energy in the essence. That’s especially true for an SME. And it’s why we prepare all of your printed packaging down to the tiniest detail. Because that’s our strength.

We take care of your concerns
So you can streamline your business.

Adding structure to the process

As an SME, you want to stay sharp: you aim for strong results, because you want to grow. We take care of your printed packaging. Giving you the space to take a deep breath and plan the next phase of your growth.

Switch gears

An SME needs to be able to switch gears in no time. Is there an expo? A new opportunity with a client? Make sure you take your next packaging instead of your previous one. Thanks to our mock-ups, you switch gears quickly.

Trustworthy partner

You have a lot on your mind. And sometimes, things get a little too technical. That’s when you need external expertise. It’s like taking a taxi in a foreign country: you don’t speak the language, you don’t know the way and are lost in the dark. Rask guides you from point A to point B, explaining everything on the way. In your own language. So you know exactly where you stand.

Our solutions

  • You no longer need to talk the technical language of printers.
  • You no longer need to coordinate feedback and corrections.
  • You want to see and feel the packaging before it goes to print.

“Achieving deadlines is essential for us. That’s why, as Managing Director of Stratopolis, I choose Rask again and again.”

A compact team

Our employees speak your language. And the language of the printers.

All of us dare to take responsibility.

Want to make a quick change? Okay. We’ll take care of it.

Meer about us

Does space to grow sound fantastic to you? See our solutions.

Our solutions