Major solutions for all of your printed packaging. Efficient and pleasant.

Brand monitoring

Your image stays consistent thanks to our expertise in prepress and design.


Your design made tangible. Even before printing.

Rask portal

Our digital platform adds structure to the information flow of your printed packaging.

Digital printing

We print all types of materials in small quantities.

Brand monitoring

Your brand is holy. Within the strict confines of your brand identity, Rask always provides the best solution. And we do so in the design and prepress phases. At every step, we have the critical reflex of guarding your identity. The end result? A completely uniform brand experience.

We design all packaging

Rask can handle any packaging. A new concept? An adaptation of an existing one? Getting started with illustrations or photography? A specific question? We will get right on it.


Rask makes the technical translation from a design to a file that’s ready to print. Regardless of the print technique, we monitor your brand identity. Promise. So your image stays consistent and your brand remains recognisable for the consumer.

And the instruments we use to guarantee outstanding results?

  • Fingerprints
  • Calibration tests
  • Print proofs on foil
  • Native PDF changes

You can count on our strengths and qualities:

  • Preparing files for print
  • Design
  • Product photography
  • Image changes
  • Text corrections
  • Translations
  • Graphical corrections
  • Implementation of food legislation
  • Layout cutter drawings


Tangible evidence of your genius idea? We will create a mock-up. That way, you can show and touch your packaging even before final printing. It also makes you flexible. Is there an expo? A new opportunity with a client? Make sure you take your next packaging instead of your previous one.

Rask creates mock-ups without having to order printing plates or cylinders. This allows you to test your design in the store shelves or during focus groups. You can include the results of your research in the final design. Another advantage? You can start organising your photo shoot and campaigns, even before your packaging is printed.

Our references

Rask Portal

Preparing printed packaging requires a lot of communication. It’s like juggling with preliminary designs, corrections, print proofs and approved files. We know and master the art perfectly and canalise your information stream. Through our years of experience, we developed a platform – Rask Portal – that centralises and structures all of your information.

But it doesn’t stop there. We keep our eye on the environment, because it evolves constantly. Through our close collaboration with printers from all walks of life, we are up to speed about the latest developments. Has anything changed? Our portal grows organically to adapt. And it pays off: you have a clearer view with limited correction rounds until an approval for print. That makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

Looking for a solution? We are here to help!

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“Rask always includes all the technical details in the design. That saves us a lot of time and money.”

Digital printing

Rask offers digital printing so you can produce limited edition packaging. For small amounts, mock-ups are a good idea: Rask prints, fills and seals them for you in no time. Need more volume? No problem. Digital printing is a solid solution: we print the packaging digitally on films or paper and deliver this on a roll. You can then make product samples on your own packaging machine. Digital printing is a wonderful way to test and check new packaging.

It’s also a handy sales tool, ideal for fairs, trade shows and sales talks. You can even use these prototypes during consumer research and focus groups. However, we feel it is important to mention here: just as with our mock-ups, digital inks are not safe for nutritional items. In other words, the contents of this packaging are not fit for consumption.

The benefits are the same as those of mock-ups: you not only save on the production costs of printing bodies (printing plates or cylinders), you also win a lot of time: digital printing can happen really, really fast. Let’s go!

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Our six strong pillars. Your bridge to approval for print.

With Rask, you take the fastest road to approval for print.
And thanks to our high efficiency, you can expect a low price.

Anchored in practise

We know all types of printers and printers know us. They understand that we know the latest techniques. This helps us improve our services. And you will reap the rewards, again and again.

Innovation and growth

We use the most effective tools, methods and techniques. We consider them valuable, because it saves us both time. Giving you more space to invest in your own growth.


Agile, thorough and – damn it – really efficient. All of our employees are all about a do mentality. Did you make arrangements with us? We will follow them up correctly. We promise!

Direct lines of communication

When you call us, you talk to the right person right away. No hierarchy nonsense. At Rask, everyone understands their trade. Our people have the expertise and the freedom to make independent choices. This allows us to switch gears super fast.

Top team

Combined, our employees have more than half a century of experience in printed packaging across four different printing techniques. That’s a whole lot of expertise to build upon.

Fair price

A pleasant collaboration should come at a fair price. And you can count on it.