Efficient. Thorough. Agile. Our three strengths.

Efficiency is in our DNA

We are a compact team. Each one of us takes responsibility for their expertise and makes decisions. That linear structure makes us fast and efficient.

Doers you can count on

When we say something, we make it happen. We are thorough, correct and trustworthy. And if somehow we can’t help out, we admit it. Because we are also straightforward. Isn’t that enjoyable?

We are the bridge with printers

Each one of us speaks the same language as the printers. That makes us agile: we can guide you in different directions. We take pleasure in translating all technical terms into simple language. So you don’t have to learn any crazy jargon.

“At Rask, we go straight for our goals. You can see it in our logo. We reach our goals – every single day!”
“Rask means ‘fast’ in Norwegian. Why the name? It sounds clear, powerful and pleasant.”

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