Always approved for print in packaging. Isn’t that perfect?

A perfect journey from design to approval for print. That’s our strength. And we take pleasure in taking that journey for you. So you can focus on the things that really matter to your business.

Rask knows the challenges you face. And they are big.

Many SMEs share the same ambitions: to build a brand that is both strong and recognisable, to respond quickly to new possibilities and to create space to grow. And that leads to questions and challenges:

  • How do you stay focussed on your own expertise?
  • How do you keep visual material consistent and recognisable?
  • How do you deal with shorter project lead times?

Those are your priorities. At Rask, we understand that. And we act accordingly. We take care of your printed packaging. From design to ‘approval for print’.

All challenges

Rask offers solutions. And they work.

  • Brand monitoring: Your image stays consistent thanks to our expertise in prepress and design.
  • Mock-up: Your design made tangible. Even before printing.
  • Workflow management: Structure in the information flow of your printed packaging.
  • Digital printing: We print all types of materials in small quantities.

All solutions

Quality without the worry. We promise.

At Rask, we serve you quickly and efficiently. Throughout the entire process, we keep a close eye on the quality and colourfastness. We do so for all printing techniques. So your corporate identity remains consistent.

Would you prefer tangible evidence of our expertise? With mock-ups like these, we show you what we can do. So you know exactly what to expect. And you can surprise your colleagues, clients or partners too.

Our references

Rask has 6 pillars The bridge to approval for print.

6. Fair price

A pleasant collaboration should come at a fair price. You can count on it.

Discover all pillars

“From the first design, everything was perfect!”

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